BIOVIA Interactive Support Matrix

The ISM application is designed to provide an interactive source for BIOVIA application release dates, legacy and end of support dates for both regulated and unregulated environments, as well as summaries of server and workstation installation requirements for BIOVIA products. The material contained within this application does not supersede published product documentation; customers should refer to product documentation for full requirement and release details.

Please select an option from the menu on the left, or see below to find shortcuts for answers to common questions:

Product Dates

  • When was a specific BIOVIA product version released?
  • When will my BIOVIA product become unsupported?

Software Updates

  • Where can I find a specific BIOVIA product version in the 3DS Download Platform?
  • What is the process for me to update to the latest release of my BIOVIA product?

Product Portfolios

  • What BIOVIA products are within a portfolio?
  • What are the installation requirements for all of the BIOVIA products for a portfolio release?

Product Hardware Requirements

  • Does my server hardware still meet the BIOVIA installation requirements?
  • What are the installation requirements for my BIOVIA product?

Product Requirements

  • What server and/or workstation operating systems are compatible with my BIOVIA product?
  • What versions of Microsoft® Office are compatible with my BIOVIA product?
  • Do the Application and Database tiers of my BIOVIA product have different operating system requirements?
  • My company is upgrading operating systems and/or 3rd party components. Will I still be able to run my BIOVIA product?
  • What other BIOVIA products can be used with my BIOVIA product?
BIOVIA Support and Product Downloads

Customers seeking BIOVIA product documentation, software installation downloads, knowledge base articles, and user communities should visit the 3DS Support website at for more information